Friday, 29 October 2010

Pre Campaign Photo

Our Movember campaign is soon to get underway.

This morning the group of brave men that will be taking part in the hairy lip campaign all had their photos taken for the press.

The rules of the campaign state that everybody must be clean shaven on the 31st of October, no beards or goaties allowed. The keen eyed of you out there may have noticed Cyril (5th from right) with his moustache. Don’t worry, he will be clean shaven on the 31st October, no mean feat as he has been growing his moustache for 38 years, not even his wife has seen him without one!

Be sure to check back here soon where we will be updating regularly with stories of the moustache growing madness.

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Christmas Lights

We now have our full range of Christmas lights online and in-store

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Christmas Shop Now Open

After 3 weeks of hard work Mike and his team finally opened the doors the Christmas shop last night.

We had mulled wine, minced pie and sausage rolls which were all greatly received by our customers. I have to say that the shop itself looks wonderful this year. Mike has created a woodland area complete with animals and sounds. This is where Father Christmas will be when he arrives on the 4th of December. We also have the whole roof covered by a net, supplied by local netmakers Coastal Nets who very kindly helped us put them up after we made a bit of a pigs ear of it!!! This has allowed us to hang lights, baubles and other decorations from the ceiling, adding to the magical effect.

Anyway, please do come down and visit it as soon as you can (I know its on the early side but it soon won’t be!). If you want to see more photos check out our Facebook Page.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Had a great weekend at the Eat Dorset Food fair. Loads of people there and brilliant weather. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Go to our facebook page to see a few pics of our display and stand.

This year we decided to catagorise the herbs into different uses which people seemed to really find helpful. Let us know what you think. We will be doing a similar thing on our website so that when you come to buy herbs online you can pick out your own herbs for your favorite uses.

The display at the front was also really well received, called plants for your plate it just gave everyone an idea of plants that they could be growing for food right now.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tidy Tent

We have now reduced the price on TidyTents to 39.99. There is also an offer price of £45 that includes the anka point.

TidyTent is a simple, practical solution to modern day domestic storage needs.
The uses that the 'Tidy Tent' can be put to are limited only by the user's imagination...Bicycles,Wheeled Barbecue sets, Prams, Pushchairs, Wheelchairs, Lawnmowers, Scooters, Garden Furniture / Cushions, Bedding Plants, Childrens Garden Toys, Tools, Logs, Plant Pots.....the list goes on and on!