Friday, 21 May 2010

Getting Hot

Wow, it’s got really hot down here in Dorset today. It just seems to go from one extreme to the other!!

At least this should get a few seeds germinating now, just remember to keep things watered. Here at the garden centre in Bridport vegetable plants are still selling very well with Tomatoes topping the charts! We have still got a great variety of tomatoes on sale: Shirley, Moneymaker, Alicante, Sungold and Gardeners Delight to name just a few. We also have a great selection of tomato accessories to help you get the most from your crops this year. We have some great ring culture pots, from basic bottomless pots to more advanced tomato growpots. Our Tomorite growbags available from Bridport & Beaminster are giant sized planters that have loads of mushroom compost added to them for extra nutrients and better water retention. If you watched Gardeners World tonight then you might have seen those upside down tomato planters; we have got plenty of them both in our centres and online for just £9.99 if you want to give them a try.

Now the temperature is on the rise it is important to keeps watering and feeding those plants. We have managed to get a great deal with the makers of Miracle Gro whereby we are able to offer you the Miracle Gro Liquafeed starter kit, which includes the gun and bottle ad half the recommended retail price. So where it used to be £9.99 we can now offer Liquafeed for just £4.99. That’s an offer that is available both online and in both on our centres.

Finally don’t spend the whole weekend working in the garden, take time to enjoy the sun...we don’t get much of it so enjoy it whilst it lasts. Here at Groves we are proud to be stockist of Dorset Charcoal. This local sustainable charcoal contains 90% carbon compared to the usual 60% carbon found in the imported types so really does burn hotter with less smoke and less ash left behind. Not only that but the wood that is turned into charcoal is just a result of sustainable coppicing, an important technique in wildlife management. Anyway you can read more about it at the Dorset Charcoal website. We also have a large selection of Roses, Hybrid Tea Bush Roses, Half Standard Roses, Ground Cover Roses, Climbing Roses and Patio Roses